BODY MANUAL CARE - 8 days 56h



Patricia Mondargan will teach you the fundamental principles of treatments. These courses satisfy the urgent demands of increasing clientele looking for a way to improve both their health and form.

Its effect on the adipose tissue helps eliminate and reshape body parts that require special attention... At the end of this training, you will have also mastered the palpate and roll technique against cellulite combined with some specific principles encouraging a quick and long-lasting slimming.

You will learn the fundamental gestures which will help you practice a perfect manual care. So each treatment is specifically designed for each individual. Clients are known to welcome and appreciate the very special attention they get. 

FACE MANUAL CARE - 3 days 21h



Patricia Mondargan courses for ‘manual face care’ is a treatment 'par excellence' including draining and toning massage techniques as well as Jacquet's pinch.

‘The anti-ageing facial manual tissue gymnastic’ restores your skin's radiance and vitality. Obvious results are noticeable from the very first time : Cells rejuvenation due to stimulating action.

This training is offered to professionals in the field of beauty, wellbeing, Spas, beauty institutes, world-class hotels and resorts.

Prices available upon request.








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