The vision of the Method by the professionals

Elisabeth Sandager

International General Manager L’Oréal Luxury for Helena Rubinstein, Shu Uemura and Yue Sai

« The Mondargan method and the massage are unequalled. As for the body, nobody can boost a lazy circulation, dislodge a lymph which stagnates like she does. Having passed between her hands, you feel light, energized and certain troublesome zones are clearly deflated. As for her plumping massage of the face and the neck, it is magic: at the end of 30 minutes, the lines are relaxed, the complexion is pinkish, you seem rested with this impression of being 5 years younger! We ask for more of it and we cannot do without it anymore. And height of luxury is that Patricia makes home visits. »

Docteur Aude Senez

Médecin esthétique et antiâge, nutrition fonctionnelle et préventive

«The method Mondargan is according to me a complete care of slimming manual reshaping. Based on a serious knowledge of the physiology of the lymphatic circulatory system, it allows to fight the lymphatic stase of the body and the face; the latter being strongly involved in the phenomena of greasy overload, cellulite and oedemas. I observe regularly that this personalized technique is very interesting for the patients who wish to refine their silhouette as a supplement to an adapted nutritional follow-up. The results are always present if the care is followed in a regular manner and in compliance with the protocol of treatment fixed initially. By draining and stimulating the lymphatic system of all the body, the gain as I see it is more global and more preventive: I recommend this care to help in the elimination of toxin and so help in the balance of the metabolic functions of the body. I recommend the Mondargan method to my patients because it is an ideal complement in the integrative medicine which I practise. »

Docteur Nicolas Rygaloff

Esthetic Doctor, Graduate of morphological and anti-ageing medicine

«I personally tested the Mondargan technique of reshaping based on the mobilization of the lymphatic stases, on the face and on the body, and I am very enthusiastic of its complementarity with certain medical esthetic care ».


The vision of the Method by the customers

Naomi Campbell

In Paris, I go to Patricia for the Mondargan Method.

Elle Macpherson

Seven years ago, I was introduced to Patricia Mondargan.
I find her technic extremely effective for healthy lymphatic drainage and body sculpting.
Plus she has a wonderful nurturing personnality.

Margot Milani

Model at New Madison

«I am a model, I am slim, but as I walk on heels, at the end of the day, my legs feel heavy and sometimes even inflated. Since the Mondargan sessions of reshaping, I feel lighter and relaxed. There is a real renewal of energy. »

Marie Garel Weiss

Scriptwriter, Director

«The Mondargan massage has already worked miracles on my circulation, my skin and my problems of cellulite. The follow-up of my pregnancy in her hands was a real plus on my general health. I had no venous problems, no heavy legs, no stretch marks, little water retention and a clearly improved transit. One feels freed from toxin, the skin becomes supple and softer, the cellulite really disappears, all this on the condition of being regular. I was massaged three days before childbirth, I strongly recommend that pregnant women should offer themselves this gift! »

Lucia Van Labeck


The care method of Patricia Mondargan is absolutely "magic"! In a few weeks I lost centimeters of thighs, waist and my arms became finer and firmer. It is not a massage of relaxation, but a real treatment of fitness as Patricia works in depth on the system of lymphatic circulation on every square centimeter of the body. Associated with the walking or with the minimum of weekly sport this treatment gives impressive and long-lasting results.

Sandra Ouaiss

Associate Producer at Newen

Thanks to the care lavished by Patricia, my body was completely remodelled and was able to find attractive forms. I also have a much better circulation. When I began my treatment at Patricia, I was well over 10 kg more than today and I was able to lose it with a little sport and advice in nutrition. And I emphasise that Patricia does not manage her efforts and does not count her time.

Donna Rooney

Founder / Owner Donna Management

“I was first introduced to Patricia 6 years ago through a long standing client. I have continued to see her on my visits to Paris and on a number of occasions have brought Patricia to London for personal appointments and to work with my friends and clients, for ongoing treatments and for those all important sessions before Film Premiers or Fashion Week . As modern day women we are up against busy business & lifestyle schedules, this can have a huge impact on the body, in turn effecting you emotionally and spiritually. As my business requires me to travel globally and work long hours across multiple time zones, discovering someone like Patricia has been a ‘God Send’.

Her technique and knowledge is like no other. Patricia facilitates a healthy lymphatic system which in turn promotes weight loss decreasing excess water retention and cellulite in problematic areas.

It is always a pleasure to see Patricia, she is not just only pioneering in this practice (I have yet to find another practitioner globally who has her authentic combined technique) but she is also a very supportive person filled with knowledge to ensure the body leads a better way of living to enable it to work at full capacity. I always feel detoxified and healthier after my sessions, departing half the size is just a bonus.”

Line Victoire Lamar


Inheritor of a lazy lymph, and not wanting to suffer from heavy legs as my mother and my brother, I decided, more than 30 years ago to search for techniques which could relieve me. I tried everything all until 2 years ago when I discovered an article which spoke about Patricia's method. After a first appointment, I understood that I had rung at the right door. My silhouette changed, my lymph circulates better, I am attentive to all her good advice on lifestyle and consistent in the sessions of massage. Patricia's hands are attuned to your silhouette and find the best gestures of relief. On a scale of 1 to 10 - I put 10 because I feel more alert in my everyday life and I can finally admire my legs and my knees.

Flora Eutrope

Positive Energy Work

I am in a period in my life, close to the menopause and more often subject to hormonal disorders and it has the effect of slowing down my circulation and of blocking my tissues. Thanks to Patricia and her unique and remarkable method, I got back not only my silhouette but also the elasticity of my skin as well as on my body my face and my neck. Patricia with her dynamic and generous personality knows how to wake up and take and bring out the positive energy which is in me.

Julie Delafosse


I am 40 years old and I practise regularly a physical activity, I have been massaged for 5 years now by Patricia, although I am rather slim, a friend had recommended her to me because I had a hormonal disorder which gave me of the water retention. During the first sessions, I was really amazed by the results of the facial skincare: my skin was more toned, more robust and fresher: a real healthy glow effect. At the end of 5 massage sessions, I saw an improvement at the level of my thighs and my arms, the lymph circulated much better and the orange peel effect eased then disappeared. I try to have a massage once a week so as to continue with the positive effect on my face as well as on my body.


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