My method


La Méthode Mondargan is passive gymnastics for the tissue, combining drainage with palpate and roll techniques. The method is based on a regular lymphatic circulation and involves a slimming process, helping the system wake up so it can eliminate toxins and cellulite.

The positive effects are visible from the very first time. Once the circulatory system is restored, I have found with my clients that their energy is renewed and they feel lighter and happier within themselves.

This unique manual draining-sculpting care technique combines a group of rhythmic movements that gets rid of accumulated cellulite and eliminates it. The skin appears and feels smooth again, enhanced by the production of collagen that gives the tissue tonicity, elasticity and firmness.

In order to regulate the blood and lymphatic systems and bring a new body balance, Patricia recommends 5 to 10 sessions, and stresses the need for a healthy lifestyle all of which leads to a more productive, strong system boosting the immune system which in turn can have slimming effects. Legs recover their shape, lightweight, feel and vitality.

The result of this unique treatment : a slimming, circulatory, toning and sculpting effect. The accumulated cellulite is eliminated at last.

Patricia Mondargan ® Paris also offers her manual facial anti-ageing care, a complete regenerative and plumping beauty treatment.


«I personally tested the Mondargan technique of reshaping based on the mobilization of the lymphatic stases, on the face and on the body, and I am very enthusiastic of its complementarity with certain medical esthetic care ».

Docteur Nicolas Rygaloff

Esthetic Doctor, Graduate of morphological and anti-ageing medicine


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