Patricia Mondargan was born in Paris during the Andy Warhol’s Pop Art era and the Women’s Liberation Movements.

Her constant quest for new knowledge, coupled with studies of traditional beauty treatments, combining all of her experience and training Patricia developed her own method of ‘Slimming & Manual gymnastic for tissue’ for the face and body.

Patricia’s attention to detail and personal care for each client, supported by her studies and skill base, combined with her professional knowledge, meant she quickly expanded her network with great success.

Faithful global clients continually require Patricia’s unique manual tissue gymnastic and testify to the efficiency of her method with immediate effect. Not only do clients see an overall difference in appearance after one session, they have also noted that their body systems feel rejuvenated which in turn assists with their general health.

Patricia states "Most clients see and feel immediate results after their first treatment. However, as with most practices continual support with further treatments gains the most satisfying results".

"I have worked with many professional across all anti-cellulite mediums and find that this type of treatment beneficial for clearing the system facilitating a better flow in the body. A lot of my international clients are in the public arena so tend to travel a lot which can cause the body to become disoriented, storing water, sugar, toxins and fat, slowing down the Lymphatic system which can cause the body image to become distorted. My technique encourages the system to release and work properly again".



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